Essay about my dream

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

A few days ago I had an impossible dream.
In this dream the world was peace full, nobody was fighting against others people, all mistakes were forgiven, people were smiling, laughing, they did not know anything about wars, because there were no wars for a long time.
The sky was as blue as a water from waterfall, forests did not have any pollution neither did air. I gased at them and their dapper world and I could not understand, what had happened? And who or what had influenced this?
When I was thinking about this I heard my mums voice. I could not believe that! My mum was changed. She was very happy and she did not smoke. I was shocked! This world had fundamental principle: people must deserve to live in this incredible world. Suddenly a strange, gold light dazzled my eyes and I could not see anything and then…I woke up. When I opened my eyes I did not know, where I was and what happened?
I looked over the window and I saw ugly weather. It was raining, but in my beautiful dream the weather was great – sun was shining for a long time I would like to change our current world for the one from my dream, but everything depends from us and our approach!

Paulina Siecińska


#1 Agnieszka 2016-06-16 10:31
Dobry essej, ale troche malo dla mnie. Zwykle pisemy 300 slow. No, gdyby miala takie zadanie skontaktowala by z specjaliściami. Zamiviala essej na 'supreme essay' . Nigdy nie mialam problem z nimi. Polecam!

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